There is a strong trend of short iteration when it comes to new releases. New laptops are constantly flooding the market, with Apple releasing enticing flavours of their products nearly every year.


While the ideal lifespan of a well-equipped MacBook Pro should last you about four years, you might find yourself on the short-end of the stick. Whether it’s the enticing new MacBook Pro that was released earlier this year, or the inevitable fate of hardware failure of your current MacBook Air/Pro, you don’t want to be left with a pricey paperweight.

The repairing cost, if you do not have Warranty/AppleCare coverage, can be extravagant if your MacBook is facing several problems. (We have listed our affordable replacement cost for your MacBook here.) Alternatively, you might want to consider selling your used MacBook Pro as the better economical choice.

What to do before selling your macbook?

There are plenty of resources online including a basic guideline that has been provided by Apple. (You can view what to do on their official support page) In summary, the basic guideline includes:

  • Deauthorising your computer from iTunes
  • Backing up data on an external drive or cloud storage (Google Drive)
  • Signing out of iCloud/iMessage and other Apple related services
  • Reformatting your hard drive

Here at Mod Macs, we offer cash for your unwanted or faulty MacBook/Macbook Pro/MacBook Air. Quotations may vary based on the condition but we aim to offer the highest price at fair value.

We also understand that most users may not have the necessary skill or knowledge in taking precautionary steps before selling their MacBook. They may still be concerned about sensitive data that may reside on their hard drive.

We offer the simple solution of removing the hard drive to be used as an external hard drive. This means that we will not take in your hard drive and you will always have access to your old data. Simply let us know if you would prefer this option.

If interested, we can provide a free quotation. Just drop us a line on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp or email us.

More details about our buy-in service can be found here.